Why a vacation home in Orlando?

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Why a vacation home in Orlando?

Whether your vacation home is for spending more time with your family, an integral part of your investment portfolio, or a way of purchasing retirement real estate in Florida many years before your retirement, an Orlando vacation home has an intriguing combination of location and pricing that can help you realize your vacation home dreams.

With over 50 million visitors per year visiting Disney World, Universal Studios and the other amusement parks, an Orlando vacation home offers something that most other vacation hot spots do not, namely a year long rental source. While other vacation home destinations offer a small rental window, typically only 3 or 4 months long, leaving you to pay your second home expenses for most of the year. Even in high rental income locations such as Hilton Head, or ocean front property in South Florida, the season is short, so should you have to bring in a whole year's worth of rental income in a few months.

The advent of short term rental Real Estate with onsite management  allows someone to purchase a vacation home in Kissimmee or Orlando, rent it year round to vacationers, and use the vacation home themselves whenever they want. Because the seasonal fluctuations in the Kissimmee / Orlando resort area are not as extreme as in other vacation home destinations,  you receive income from vacation rentals throughout the year.

Orlando vacation homes have evolved over the years from the mid 80's when all that was necessary to rent your home was a property near Disney World, to present day when amenities are king. Where previously the vacation home was merely a place to lay your head at night, now a vacation home must offer the vacationing family a resort style atmosphere. Many families do not visit the attractions  every day, and spend much of their vacation at the resort clubhouse, swimming pool, theater and games room. Resorts such as Terra Verde and Windsor Hills have a mixture of vacation home properties including townhomes, pool homes, and condos. Other vacation home resorts such as Regal Palms, only have townhomes, but make up for the lack of diversity with more amenities than any other resort including a full liquor restaurant and bar, spa, and a water slide and lazy river.

From an investment point of view, an Orlando vacation home offers some of the best appreciation in the world, and the ability to offset your running costs with short term rental income. The demand for Orlando real estate is also at an all time high due to many factors.

 Firstly the baby boomer segment of the buyers, affluent soon to be retirees looking to purchase properties in warmer climes, are snapping up short term rental properties. These Kissimmee vacation homes offer the chance to purchase a home at today's pricing, and rent it out to keep costs low enough to hold until retirement.

Secondly, the European market can take advantage of a weak US dollar, giving them a lot more vacation home for their money. Property prices in Europe are typically higher than in the USA, so our second home pricing seems exceptionally affordable.

A vacation home in Orlando is not everyone's first choice, but for those of us who enjoy warmer weather, an area where excitement is only minutes away, and your second home has more luxuries than your primary home for half the price, vacation home living is the way to go.

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